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Value chain services.

We develop regional artisan food networks, with a focus on shared mission and operational values, and market based solutions.

Meet Rick Terrien

"Sometimes it's not a LACK of infrastructure that leads to bottlenecks; it is incomplete or inefficient USE of the infrastructure that stymies the system. Value chain coordinators are people who work to connect the dots in a value chain. They ensure the right people, goods and resources connect with each other. Most often value chain coordinators work outside day-to-business operations, a vantage point that offers a unique perspective on the optimal solutions in a regional market." USDA.

How we define 'Artisan'.

Our company's entrepereneurship micro loan fund. A micro loan fund that supports food and agriculture entrepreneurs in 83 countries, with over 75% of loans supporting women business owners.

WINK opening
Opening the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen.